575 Bench Top Polishing and Grinding Work Station

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The Handler 575 offers a comprehensive bench-top polishing and grinding system, featuring a robust powder-coated steel cabinet, dual suction motors with cartridge filters, twin fluorescent lights, two dust collection trays, a pair of splash hoods, and a reliable 26A Red Wing polishing lathe. This complete system is designed to meet your polishing and grinding needs efficiently.

Features and Benefits

  • The Red Wing Lathe engine, with its robust 1/4 HP and dual speed, ensures enduring performance.
  • Separate attachments are necessary for the lathe.
  • The device includes two suction fans, each capable of moving 225CFM, to eliminate light dust and promote healthier conditions.
  • The cartridge filters, which can be easily removed for cleaning, are designed to capture dust particles of 0.5 microns and larger.
  • For polishing tasks involving pumice, removable splash pan inserts are utilized.
  • The device features slide-out debris drawers for convenient cleaning.
  • An adjustable clear acrylic shield is included to protect the user from splashes and dust.
  • Armrests are provided for comfortable and easy operation.
  • The machine’s life is extended by its rust-resistant stainless cabinet.
  • The machine’s heavy-duty construction ensures high performance and longevity.
  • No assembly is needed; the machine is ready to use upon plugging in.

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