Accutron™ PIP+™ Scavenging Circuit II for RFS™ (Remote Flow Systems) & Accu-Vac™ Vacuum Controller

AccutronSKU: 32009

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The Accutron™ PIP+™ Scavenging Circuit is designed to be compatible with X-ray imaging and sterilization processes. It comprises a seamless tubing system and a collection of PIP+™ Single-Use Nasal Masks. These components can be effectively used in conjunction with your RFS or Accu-Vac vacuum systems. The vacuum controllers provided enable precise control of vacuum levels, meeting the recommended rate of 45 liters per minute set by NIOSH and ADA. The system is flexible and can accommodate a wide range of flowmeter brands. Additionally, its bright white finish is aesthetically pleasing and complements various clinical environments.


  • Accommodates most flowmeter brands
  • Reprocessing: The ADA recommends using sterilizable scavenging circuits. Keep extra tubing components on hand in order to sterilize after every patient.

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