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Experience the pinnacle of excellence in acrylic polishing with our industry-leading Acrylic Polishing HP Kit. Meticulously curated for convenience and unrivaled performance, this comprehensive assortment of abrasives and polishers is specifically designed to meet all your preparation and finishing needs with exceptional precision.

From initial preparation to the final touch, our kit equips you with the perfect tools to achieve flawless results. Seamlessly navigate every step of the acrylic polishing process, transforming your restorations into masterpieces that captivate both patients and peers.

  • Experience the ultimate assurance of fast, predictable, and esthetic results with our Acrylic Polishing HP Kit, ensuring your restorations shine with exceptional beauty and precision.
  • Elevate your dental practice with the superior performance of our kit, delivering unrivaled value that maximizes efficiency, saves time, and ensures outstanding outcomes that leave a lasting impact on your patients and practice.


3 AcryPoint BP1s, 1 of each grit: coarse, medium and fine; 3 AcryPoint PCs, 2 of each grit: coarse, medium and fine; 1 (SH 79E) Robot® carbide HP cutter and 1 (SH 251E) Robot® carbide HP cutter
Grit: Fine Medium Course
Shank Size/Type: HP

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