ACRYPOINT Acrylic Polisher

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Crafted with unparalleled precision and expertise, these polishers are specifically designed to elevate your acrylic work to new heights of perfection. Say goodbye to rough edges and lackluster surfaces and hello to the captivating brilliance that Acrylic Polishers deliver.

Unleash your artistic flair with Acrylic Polishers. Engineered with utmost precision, these polishers allow you to achieve unparalleled results with ease. The advanced technology and specialized design ensure that each stroke brings you closer to perfection, revealing the true brilliance of your work.

Features and Benefits
  • Eliminates the need for topical polishing compound, streamlining the polishing process
  • Versatile for use chairside or in the laboratory, offering convenience and flexibility
  • Dark gray polishers specifically designed for efficient adjustments, ensuring precise and controlled modifications
  • Brown polishers ideal for final finishing, achieving a smooth and refined surface texture
  • Light gray polishers deliver a high-gloss polish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of acrylic appliances
  • Meticulously engineered shape and size for comfortable and efficient handling during polishing procedures

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