ACTIVA kids BioACTIVE Restorative

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ACTIVA Kids: The Optimal Choice for Pediatric Dentistry!

ACTIVA Kids is specifically designed for pediatric dentistry, featuring an opaque, light B shade. This ideal material offers a superior alternative to mercury-based amalgams and traditional BIS-GMA composites, addressing concerns of health-conscious families. ACTIVA Kids actively stimulates hydroxyapatite formation, chemically bonds to teeth, and provides added protection against decay. Make the smart choice for pediatric dental care with ACTIVA Kids.

Starter Kit: 5 ml Syringe PedoShade, ACTIVA-SPENSER, 20 Bendable Mixing Tips

Single Refill: 5 ml Syringe PedoShade, 20 Bendable Mixing Tips

Value Refill: 2 x 5 ml Syringe PedoShade, 40 Bendable Mixing Tips


  • BPA-free formula for safety assurance.
  • Free from BIS-GMA for a healthier alternative.
  • Convenient single-use solution.
  • Suitable for both dentin and enamel restoration.


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