ACTIVA Presto Universal Stackable Light Cure Composite

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ACTIVA Presto: Universal Stackable Composite for Strength and Durability!

Discover the exceptional qualities of ACTIVA Presto, a light cure composite that offers universality and stackability. This advanced composite material is designed to provide remarkable strength and durability while also being highly wear and fracture resistant. Experience the reliability and longevity of ACTIVA Presto for your dental needs.

ACTIVA Presto Light Cure Kit: 2 x 1.2 mL/2 gm syringes plus 20 applicator tips


  • Achieve highly esthetic restorations that mimic natural teeth.
  • Hydrophilic resin promotes diffusion of essential ions for improved dental health.
  • Suitable for various restorative procedures, including Class 1, II, III, IV, V, pit, and root surface cavities.
  • Provides excellent radiopacity for accurate diagnosis and monitoring.


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