Adseal - Resin Base Root Canal Sealer (13.5g Dual Syringe)

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Adseal is a radiopaque resin-based root canal sealant. Paste that is simple to prepare, great for biocompatibility, and capable of hermetically sealing. Teeth are not stained by it, and tissue fluids cannot dissolve it.

Kit Contents:

  • 13.5 g Dual Syringe
  • 9 g Base (Epoxy Resin, Calcium Phosphate)
  • 4.5 g Catalyst (Amines, Bismuth Subcarbonate)
  • Spatula
  • Mixing Plate


  • Outstanding Biocompatibility
  • Paste-Paste Is Simple to Mix.
  • Hygienic Sealing Power
  • Non-Staining
  • Tissue Fluids Cannot Dissolve It

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