AeroPro Cordless Prophy System

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Setting a new benchmark in cordless prophy systems, the Aero Pro Cordless Prophy System is designed to be lightweight and devoid of pedals, offering you the flexibility and mobility you desire. It allows you to choose any prophy angle and provides the control you need. Its innovative and ergonomic design minimizes hand fatigue by letting you rotate the angle for optimal access and comfort. The system features easy fingertip control for seamless switching between low and high speeds. Its quiet yet potent motor maintains a consistent speed during polishing without requiring additional pressure. The Charge SMART Battery Technology ensures long-lasting power to last through your workday. The system adheres to CDC guidelines with a convenient infection prevention protocol.

The Complete Package includes: Motor Component, 3 Autoclavable Outer Sheaths, Charging Station, AC Adapter, Stand, 500ct Box Disposable Barriers, Enamel Pro Prophy Paste, and accessories.

The Basic Kit includes: Motor Component, Autoclavable Outer Sheath, Charging Station, AC Adapter, Stand, 500ct Box Disposable Barriers, and accessories.

Features and Benefits

  • Prophy angle can be rotated for maximum access and comfort
  • Quick-touch button for easy speed switching
  • Consistent speed maintenance during polishing

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