Affinis System 360

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Affinis System 360 is an A-silicone impression material renowned for its exceptional wetting ability without the side effects often associated with polyether materials. This advanced material is designed for use with automated impression mixing machines, providing convenience and precision. 

Putty Starter Kit: 380 ml Base and Catalyst, Fixation Ring, 10 Yellow Mixing Tips

Putty Refill: 2 x 380 ml Base and Catalyst, Fixation Ring

System 360: 2 x 380 ml Base and Catalyst

Features and Benefits

  • Hydrocolloid-Like Flow Properties: Affinis System 360 exhibits flow properties akin to hydrocolloid materials, ensuring superb flow characteristics during the impression process.
  • Low Barrier to Flow: The material offers a low barrier to flow, facilitating easy adaptation and precise impression capture.
  • Self-Contouring Consistency: With a self-contouring consistency, it conforms accurately to the anatomical features of the dental impression, enhancing the quality of impressions.
  • Thixotropic: Affinis System 360 demonstrates thixotropic behavior, becoming more viscous under shear stress, ensuring stability during application and improved detail reproduction.

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