AH-26 Root Canal Sealer

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Resin-Based Eugenol-Free Sealer

About Resin-Based Eugenol-Free Sealer

The Resin-Based Eugenol-Free Sealer is a versatile dental material used in root canal treatments. It is a resin-based and eugenol-free sealer designed to work effectively with gutta-percha, Densfil obturators, or silver points. This sealer is radiopaque, slow-setting, and suitable for both cold and warm obturation techniques, making it a valuable tool in endodontics. It provides a working time of 4-6 hours and a setting time of 9-15 hours outside the tooth.

Kit Contents

The kit includes:

  • 8 g Powder
  • 10 g Resin

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent Radiopacity: The sealer offers excellent radiopacity, aiding in the visualization of treated areas during dental procedures.
  • Suitable for All Obturation Techniques: It is suitable for use with all obturation techniques, including cold and warm methods, ensuring versatility in endodontic treatments.
  • Starter Resin-Based, Eugenol-Free Sealer: This sealer serves as an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced practitioners, thanks to its resin-based and eugenol-free formulation.

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