Air and Water Plastic Core Rainbow Tips

3D DentalSKU: AWPCT-250

Sale price$41.50


The Bright Solution for Safe Dental Procedures

Enhance your dental practice with Rainbow Care's Plastic Core Rainbow Tips. Designed to prevent the buildup of blood, saliva, dental materials, and corrosion commonly found in metal tips, our tips prioritize safety and hygiene. They fit most syringes, allowing for a seamless transition between patients, and their solid construction ensures the tubes stay in place even under pressure. Fully disposable, our tips eliminate contamination concerns, while the smooth rounded edges prioritize patient comfort. Each pack includes five vibrant colors for a touch of fun in your dental procedures.


  • Compatibility: Fits with most syringes and provide a quick and easy change-over between patients.
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple
  • Solid construction, tubes do not shift under pressure.
  • Disposable to prevent contamination and buildup of blood, saliva, dental materials.

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