AIRFLOW Max Intro Kit

EMS DentalSKU: FS-477/US

Sale price$804.99


The AIRFLOW Max Intro Kit introduces groundbreaking Guided Laminar AIRFLOW technology, revolutionizing the synergy between air, powder, and water. This innovative approach sets a new standard in safety, efficiency, and patient and clinician comfort. The kit includes essential components, such as the AIRFLOW handpiece for AIRFLOW Tabletop devices, a bottle of AIRFLOW Plus Powder, an Easy Clean, and a maintenance kit, all designed to provide an advanced and comprehensive dental solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Safety: The AIRFLOW Max Intro Kit enhances safety measures, ensuring a secure dental procedure environment for both patients and clinicians.
  • Optimized Efficiency: The innovative technology streamlines the dental process, increasing efficiency and saving valuable time.
  • Enhanced Comfort: This kit prioritizes the comfort of patients and clinicians, making dental treatments a more pleasant experience.

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