Algin-X Ultra

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Algin-X Ultra Alginate Alternative

About Algin-X Ultra Alginate Alternative

Algin-X Ultra Alginate Alternative is an elastomeric dental impression material specifically designed to replace traditional alginate impression materials for a variety of dental applications. It is well-suited for study models, preliminary impressions, orthodontic procedures, temporary fabrication, and removable prosthetics.

Available Sets and Refills:

  • Cartridge Set: Includes 4 x 50ml Cartridges and 6 Mixing Tips.
  • Deca Standard Set: Includes 2 x 380ml Cartridges and 20 Mixing Tips.
  • Bulk Refill Cartridges: Contains 24 x 50ml Cartridges.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic Mixing: Algin-X Ultra offers automatic mixing, ensuring a homogeneous mix quickly and easily.
  • Improved Dimensional Stability: It provides improved dimensional stability compared to traditional alginates.
  • Improved Detail and Accuracy: This material offers superior detail and accuracy in comparison to alginates.
  • Ease of Use: Algin-X Ultra is known for its ease of use, consistent mix, and convenience.
  • Accurate Detailed Impressions: It allows for precise and detailed impressions, enhancing clinical outcomes.
  • Fast: The material sets quickly, saving valuable time during procedures.
  • Patient Comfort: Its spearmint flavor contributes to patient comfort during impression-taking.

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