Applicator Tips Orange, 30 ga X 1”, Straight Tips

PulpdentSKU: 30F50

Sale price$13.60


Experience Unmatched Precision with Pulpdent's Orange Applicator Tips!

Designed for precision and versatility, Pulpdent's straight tips are the perfect companion for dental procedures. With a needle gauge of 30 and an overall length of 1 inch, these applicator tips provide optimal control and accuracy. Use these applicator tips with File-Rite and Ortho-Coat, for exceptional results. 


  • Features a needle gauge size of 30, indicating the thickness of the needle. 
  • Measures 1" in overall length, providing a compact and convenient size for easy handling and portability.
  • Tip is straight, ensuring a direct and unobstructed flow of substances or materials during application.

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