APT lll Portable Butane Burner

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The APT III Portable Butane Burner offers effortless one-handed operation, providing dental professionals with a convenient tool for various tasks. Featuring a reliable spark ignition, it is an ideal choice for both dental laboratory and practice settings. Additionally, the Econo Gas serves as a practical solution for refilling APT II, APT III, and Econo portable butane burners with the required fuel.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable Flame: The burner includes an adjustable flame feature, facilitating tasks such as warming bite wax and instruments, ensuring precise and controlled heating.
  • Foolproof Safety Lock: Equipped with a safety lock mechanism, the burner prevents accidental ignition, ensuring user safety during operation.
  • Effortless Refill: Refilling the APT III burner and other compatible models with Apt II butane fuel and standard butane refills is a straightforward process, reducing downtime and hassle.

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