Aquasil Smart Wetting Impression Material

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Aquasil Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material

About Aquasil Impression Material

Aquasil is a quadrafunctional vinyl polysiloxane material specifically designed to address common issues in dental impressions, such as voids, bubbles, pulls, and drags. It is an elastomeric impression material that offers optimum viscosity at each stage of the impression technique. Aquasil is delivered in two forms: as a free-flowing syringe viscosity and as a more viscous and thixotropic tray material.

Available Refills and Cartridges:

  • Cartridge Refill: Contains 4 x 50 ml Cartridges and 12 Mixing Tips.
  • Bulk Cartridge: Includes 32 x 50 ml Cartridges and 96 Mixing Tips.
  • Tube Refill: Consists of a 90 ml Tube Base and a 90 ml Tube Catalyst.
  • Clinic Tube: Includes 10 x 90 ml Tube Base and 10 x 90 ml Tube Catalyst.

Features and Benefits:

  • Hydrophilic: Aquasil is highly hydrophilic, ensuring effective moisture control during impression procedures.
  • High Tear Strength: It offers high tear strength, making it easy to remove impressions without tearing.
  • Excellent Detail Reproduction: Aquasil excels at reproducing fine details in dental impressions, enhancing accuracy.

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