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Discover the precision and convenience of Bauche's Arti-Spot, a specialized contact color designed for testing the accurate fit of various dental components, including crowns, inlays, onlays, telescoping crowns, clasps, and friction surfaces. Arti-Spot offers a unique way to assess fitment as it reacts upon contact. Each contact point disrupts the color skin, revealing the base material beneath. This clear shine-through effect allows for easy detection of high spots, ensuring a precise fit. Arti-Spot is versatile and can also be used to test high spots on highly polished occlusal surfaces such as gold or ceramic. Residual color deposits can be loosened and removed using hot water, mechanical friction (e.g., toothbrush or dental floss), alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or steaming. 

Features and Benefits

  • Food Dye Used in Arti-Spot is Completely Safe
  • Easy Removal Process After Use
  • Quick Solvent Evaporation Leaves a Thin, 3µ Thick Film
  • Precise Detection of High Spots for Accurate Fitment
  • Versatile Application on Various Dental Components

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