BEAUTIBOND Bonding Agent –(50 Unit Kit)

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Unlock the potential of superior bonding performance with BeautiBond™, the cutting-edge 7th-generation bonding agent. Its exclusive chemistry, featuring unique dual adhesive monomers, ensures unparalleled bond strength to both enamel and dentin, guaranteeing exceptional and reliable adhesion.

  • Streamline your procedures with BeautiBond™'s single-coat application, significantly reducing working time and enhancing efficiency.
  • Rest easy knowing that BeautiBond™ is HEMA-free, eliminating the risk of potential allergic reactions and prioritizing patient safety and comfort.
  • Experience precise and natural-looking restorations with BeautiBond™'s ultra-thin 5 micron film thickness, minimizing interference and maximizing aesthetics for superior outcomes.


Contains:50 (0.1 ml) unit doses, 50 microbrushes and instructions
Package Quantity:1/Pkg

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