BeautiCem SA Auto-Mix

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Elevate your restorative dentistry to new heights with BeautiCem SA, the cutting-edge self-adhesive resin cement that delivers unparalleled results. This innovative material harnesses the power of Giomer technology, a revolutionary advancement that offers not only exceptional bonding but also bioactive properties for remineralization and tooth protection.

  • Skip the primer step with BeautiCem SA, as it doesn't require primer for all substrates (except porcelain), saving you time and simplifying the process.
  • Embrace the convenience of the automixing syringe, eliminating the need for hand mixing and ensuring consistent and precise cement delivery.
  • Benefit from the dual-cure capability of BeautiCem SA, allowing for easy cleanup and versatility in various clinical scenarios.
  • Enjoy the high radiopacity of this resin cement, providing excellent visibility for accurate monitoring and evaluation of your restorations.

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