Beautifil® II LS Intro Kit


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With its advanced formulation, this universal nanohybrid composite minimizes polymerization shrinkage and shrinkage stress. It incorporates Shofu's proprietary Giomer chemistry, a bioactive technology clinically proven to release and recharge fluoride, inhibit plaque formation, and maintain a stable oral pH. By reducing the risk of secondary caries, Beautifil® II LS ensures long-lasting, beautiful smiles. Trust in the power of science to enhance your dental practice.

  • For anterior or posterior restorations in cavity Classes I-V, this composite delivers highly esthetic results.
  • Its unique formulation ensures predictable and functional esthetics, perfectly mimicking the complex topography and optical characteristics of natural teeth.
  • With Beautifil® II LS, you'll achieve natural esthetics with fewer finishing and polishing steps, thanks to its optimal handling and polishability.
  • Plus, its color compatibility with the entire Beautifil line ensures seamless integration with your existing dental materials.
  • Elevate your restorations with Beautifil® II LS and transform smiles with confidence.


Contains: 20 (0.25 g) Beautifil II LS A2 Ttips, 20 (0.25 g) Beautifil II LS A3.5 Ttips and 2 OneGlossPS midi point
Delivery Type: PLT

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