Beautifil® II LS Syringe, 4.5 g

ShofuSKU: Y2270

Sale price$76.95


With Shofu's exclusive Giomer chemistry, this universal composite goes beyond aesthetics to provide bioactive benefits. It releases and recharges fluoride, inhibits plaque formation, and maintains a stable pH in the mouth, reducing the risk of secondary caries. Choose Beautifil® II LS for superior restorations and a healthier smile.

  • Highly esthetic anterior and posterior restorations, in all cavity Classes I-V
  • Creates predictable and functional esthetics
  • Mimics the complex topography and optical characteristics of natural teeth
  • Achieves natural esthetics with fewer finishing and polishing steps
  • Optimal handling and polishability
  • Color compatible with the entire Beautifil line

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