BEAUTIFIL® Kids Self-Adhesive Flowable Composite, 2.2 g Syringe

ShofuSKU: Y1011

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This remarkable dental solution is perfect for PRRs, small Class I, and other non-load-bearing restorations. Say goodbye to bonding agents, as BEAUTIFIL® Kids eliminates the need for them. Powered by exclusive GIOMER Technology, it continuously releases fluoride and other beneficial ions, providing long-lasting antibacterial effects, acid neutralization, and strengthened tooth structure. Give your child the best dental care with BEAUTIFIL® Kids today.

  • Nanohybrid formula delivers high bond strength (25.0 MPa), precise placement and excellent polishability
  • Light transmission and diffusion properties blend well with dentition for highly aesthetic results
  • Radiopaque with no marginal staining
  • Compatible with all resin composites
  • High flexural strength and low shrinkage
  • Excellent shape retention is ideal for buildup
  • Moisture independent, self-leveling and bubble free
  • Ideal for managing caries in restless children
  • BPA and gluten free

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