Beautifil Flow Flowable Composite Restorative Syringe with 5 Needle Tips

ShofuSKU: 1431

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Experience exceptional flow and effortless handling with Beautifil Flow, the revolutionary fluoride-releasing flowable dental restorative material. Its advanced formulation ensures precise application and superior adaptability, allowing for seamless restorations and enhanced patient comfort. Trust Beautifil Flow to deliver outstanding results and elevate your dental practice to new heights.

  • Complements Beautifil II, expanding its range of applications and offering versatile restorative solutions.
  • Functions as an excellent base or liner, effectively preventing the recurrence of caries and promoting long-term oral health.
  • Unique syringe design equipped with a multipurpose rubber shield and dispense-on-demand function, ensuring precise application and preventing wastage of excess paste.
  • The low flow type is specifically designed for areas where controlled flow is desired, such as cervical areas, ensuring optimal shaping and retention of the restorative material.

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