Beautifil II Restorative, Cosmetic Kit

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Experience the pinnacle of esthetic and durable restorations with Beautifil® II, the universal nanohybrid composite featuring S-PRG technology. This advanced composite not only releases and recharges fluoride but also adapts to the fluoride concentration in the mouth while maintaining the strength and stability of a composite resin. With its high filler load and remarkable flexural strength, Beautifil® II guarantees long-term stability for anterior and posterior restorations, direct laminate veneers, and core buildups in even the most challenging intraoral conditions.

  • Experience exceptional shade reproduction and a chameleon effect with Beautifil® II's ideal light transmission and optical characteristics, replicating the natural internal structure of teeth for stunning esthetics.
  • Benefit from the anti-plaque effect of Beautifil® II, as it minimizes plaque adhesion, inhibits bacterial colonization, and prevents plaque accumulation, promoting long-term oral health.
  • Achieve an outstanding and long-lasting surface luster with Beautifil® II's fast and easy polishing, ensuring a brilliant shine that withstands the test of time, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the restoration.
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