Bioviva Bone Allograft - Mineralized

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Empowering Healing, One Graft at a Time

Experience the transformative power of Bioviva Bone Allograft. Meticulously selected with the highest standards, this mineralized graft offers healing performance properties to provide the utmost patient care. Suitable for various uses such as implant placement grafting, sinus elevation, and more, it is FDA registered and comes in a range of sizes. With an easy-to-use screw top jar and a 5-year expiration date, Bioviva Bone Allograft is the epitome of quality and reliability.

Recommended uses for the following:

  • Implant placement grafting
  • Sinus elevation and grafting
  • Ridge augmentation and preservation
  • Periodontal deficiencies and irregularities.
  • Extraction site preservation and conservation.


  • Material: 100% bone
  • Certification: FDA registered and accredited by AATB
  • Sizes: Available in various sizes to treat a wide range of bone defects
  • Packaging: Screw top jar for easy usability
  • Expiration Date: 5 years

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