Brownie Abrasive Points Polishers

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Crafted with unparalleled precision and expertise, these silicone polishers are specifically designed to elevate your work to new heights of perfection. Say goodbye to rough surfaces and hello to the captivating smoothness that Brownie Abrasive Points deliver.

Experience the transformative power of Brownie Abrasive Points. These exceptional polishers effortlessly glide over precious metals and amalgam, leaving behind a mesmerizingly smooth surface. Witness the remarkable transformation as these points unveil the true beauty of your creations, leaving patients and colleagues in awe.

Features and Benefits

  • Silicon polishers impregnated with high-quality abrasives for superior polishing performance
  • Specifically designed for pre-polishing, providing optimal surface preparation
  • Ideal for use on amalgams, precious alloys, and non-precious alloys, ensuring versatility in dental applications
  • Removes surface imperfections, creating a smooth and refined finish
  • Delivers consistent and reliable results, enhancing the aesthetics of dental restorations

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