Brush and Bond MAX

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Brush&Bond MAX, the successor to the highly successful Brush&Bond, is a state-of-the-art bonding agent designed to deliver superior performance on the two surfaces where dentists most frequently use bonding agents - enamel and dentin. This all-in-one bonding agent offers enhanced adhesion and improved bond strengths for both direct and indirect restorations. The Brush&Bond MAX Kit includes: a 3 mL bottle of Brush&Bond MAX Bonding Liquid, 100 Standard Activator Brushes, and a Mixing Well.

Features and Benefits

  • A single-bottle system that integrates etchant, adhesive, and desensitizer.
  • Compatible with all etching techniques (total-etch, selective-etch, self-etch).
  • Works with all types of composites (light-cure, dual-cure, self-cure).
  • Seals dentin, cementum, and enamel.
  • Offers superior physical properties compared to other bonding agents.
  • Delivers higher bond strengths to enamel and dentin.
  • Deep tubule penetration fosters the creation of a complex hybrid network for maximum bonds between the tooth and the restoration.
  • Allows for easy and precise application.
  • Suitable for both direct and indirect use - an excellent dental adhesive for enamel and dentin. For bonding to porcelain, ceramics, zirconia, and lithium disilicate restorations, use with Ea-Z-y Primer.

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