C and B Prompt 10:1 Temporary Crown and Bridge Material

Pac-Dent, Inc.SKU: PD-124

Sale price$113.99


C and B Prompt 10:1 Temporary Crown & Bridge Material is a bis-acrylic composite material that self-cures, designed specifically for the creation of temporary veneers, crowns, bridges, onlays, and inlays. Its unique formulation ensures excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties, making it suitable for both short-term and long-term provisionals. The C and B Prompt 10:1 package includes a 50 ml (75 gm) cartridge, 10 mixing tips, an MP-04, and a 4:1/10:1 dispensing gun.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers exceptional strength and resistance to abrasion.
  • Features a defined elastic phase for easy removal.
  • Provides true color-stable Vita shades with natural fluorescence.
  • Generates minimal heat during polymerization.
  • Can be easily polished to achieve a long-lasting luster.

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