Capsule Mixer CM-II

GC AmericaSKU: 3680

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The Capsule Mixer CM-II is a high-speed triturator that is user-friendly and digitally controlled. It offers both manual and pre-programmed timing modes for versatility. The capsule can be installed and removed with ease, and the large digital display enhances its operability. Importantly, the Capsule Mixer CM-II is compatible with virtually all of today's encapsulated dental materials, including amalgam.

Features and Benefits

  • The flexible arms allow for easy insertion of the capsule.
  • The design is durable and heavy-duty, ensuring longevity.
  • A master "On-Off" switch is conveniently located on the face of the device.
  • The "Manual" mode is easy to use, and pre-set timing modes offer additional convenience.
  • The digital timing control ensures precision in operation.

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