Cavity Liner - 15 mL bottle

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Unmatched Dentin Protection and Stimulation for Optimal Dental Care!

Pulpdent Cavity Liner is the original, premixed calcium hydroxide-methylcellulose preparation, offered in a convenient liquid form. This remarkable solution fills the dentinal tubules with a specialized calcium hydroxide film, providing a shield against thermal and chemical shock while effectively neutralizing irritants from dental filling materials and acid etch solutions.


  • By expertly neutralizing acids from all types of filling materials, our Cavity Liner ensures the pulp is safeguarded from harmful chemical reactions.
  • Acting as a robust barrier between the filling and dentin, our liner adds an extra layer of defense, promoting long-term dental health.
  • By encouraging the formation of sclerotic and secondary dentin, our innovative liner supports the natural healing and strengthening of the tooth structure.


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