CEMENT - Polycarb Waterset Powder 60g

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Sensitivity Relief and Precision Protection!

Specifically designed for patients with sensitive teeth and procedures involving preparations near the pulp, Polycarboxylate Cement is an ideal choice. This luting cement offers excellent biocompatibility, ensuring compatibility with oral tissues.

Additionally, it possesses exceptional insulating properties, providing added protection to the treated area. With its low film thickness, it allows for precise application while maintaining patient comfort.


  • Kit contains 1 Powder (60g), 1 dropper bottle, 1 mixing pad and 1 scoop.
  • With a film thickness ranging from 13 to 18 microns, this product ensures a minimal layer for precise application and optimal comfort.
  • Specifically formulated for sensitive teeth, this product provides excellent relief and protection for individuals with tooth sensitivity.
  • This product exhibits outstanding biocompatibility, making it safe for oral use. 

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