CERAMASTER Coarse Polishers

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Experience the pinnacle of porcelain polishing with CeraMaster, the ultimate 100% pure and genuine diamond-impregnated polisher system. Elevate your restorations from finish to super-polish with this comprehensive and high-converting solution.

CeraMaster is meticulously crafted to provide the lowest surface roughness and the highest surface gloss, ensuring unparalleled aesthetics and patient satisfaction. With its diamond-impregnated design, this system unlocks the true potential of porcelain restorations, delivering results that dazzle and delight.

  1. Unmatched Diamond-Impregnated Polisher: CeraMaster combines the power of diamonds with precise engineering to create a polisher system that surpasses expectations. Each polisher is impregnated with 100% pure and genuine diamonds, ensuring optimal cutting efficiency and remarkable polishing performance. With CeraMaster, unleash the full potential of your porcelain restorations.

  2. Superior Surface Smoothness: Experience porcelain surfaces like never before with CeraMaster. This exceptional polisher system is designed to deliver the lowest surface roughness, leaving behind a flawlessly smooth finish that sets the stage for unrivaled aesthetics. Enjoy restorations that feel as good as they look, creating a seamless and natural fit for your patients.

  3. Exquisite Surface Gloss: Elevate the visual impact of your porcelain restorations with CeraMaster's ability to create the highest surface gloss. The precision diamond-impregnated polishers work tirelessly to enhance the shine and brilliance of the restorations, delivering a mirror-like finish that captivates both dental professionals and patients alike. Revel in the radiance and beauty of polished porcelain.

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