Ceramisté Polishers – Unmounted Wheel

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Ceramisté Polishers are expertly crafted to deliver exceptional results when it comes to polishing porcelains and enamel surfaces. With a specialized focus on precision, the Ceramisté Soft variant is specifically engineered for contouring and polishing porcelain veneers, inlays, and onlays in laboratory settings. The attention to detail and tailored design of Ceramisté Soft ensures that dental professionals can achieve the desired aesthetics and flawless finish for their porcelain restorations with ease and accuracy.

  • Silicon carbide impregnated polishers: The polishers are infused with silicon carbide, a hard and abrasive material, which enhances their effectiveness in smoothing and polishing surfaces.
  • Three-step system: The product follows a three-step process, ensuring a comprehensive polishing procedure that maximizes the quality of the final result.

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