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The Cetylcide-G is a specially denatured glutaraldehyde-based formula. When diluted as directed, the resulting mixture is a 3.2% glutaraldehyde sterilizing/high-level disinfecting use-solution that works based on a variety of contact times, rather than a variety of concentrations.

  • No mess dispensing with easy tip-and-pour bottle
  • Effective at room temperature (20°C/68°F)
  • 28-day use-reuse
  • Can be formulated with ordinary tap water
  • Anti-corrosive formula
  • Dilutes to 3.2% glutaraldehyde when mixed as directed

Please note that Cetylcide-G is not a surgical mask but a sterilizing solution. It should be used in accordance with all OSHA regulations regarding sterilization.

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