Chairside Zirconia for CEREC

3MSKU: 69940

Sale price$162.26


3M Chairside Zirconia

This is a chairside zirconia for crown and bridge restorations that has high strength and esthetics. It is compatible with CEREC 4.6.0 software for the CEREC Speed Fire furnace. It has the following features and benefits:

  • High flexural strength greater than 800 MPa, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • The esthetics desired from a chairside zirconia, designed to match the VITA classical shade guide.
  • Available in eight pre-shaded blocks for easy shade matching and two block sizes for single-unit crowns and 3-unit bridges.
  • Easy and simple to polish, saving time and effort.

The Intro Kit contains a A1 crown block, 2 x A2 crown blocks, a A3 crown block, a A2 bridge block, and 1 IFU.

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