Clearfil Majesty ES-2 Classic (Syringe Refill)

KuraraySKU: 3020KA

Sale price$115.68


Shades in the VITA Classical Shade Guide are intended to match the Clearfil Majesty ES-2 Classic VITA approved shades. Kuraray's LD Technology, which makes use of light diffusion to reflect and transmit colour and light from the surrounding dentin and enamel via the composite material, is the foundation of the shade matching function. With the help of this technology, perfect colour blending that starts at the initial placement and lasts through consecutive visits is possible.


  • Unmatched Natural Shade Blending with Tooth Structure Around It
  • Single-Shadow Placing Method
  • Technology LD (Light-Diffusion)
  • Easy Polishing and Long-Lasting Gloss
  • Long Working Time for No Slumping and Simple Sculpting
  • Universal for Use in the Interior and Exterior
  • No Post-Cure Colour Change Almost

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