Clearfil Majesty ES-2 Premium (Syringe)

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By presenting a ground-breaking shading concept that has been validated by VITA, Clearfil Majesty ES-2 Premium revolutionises composite technology. Kuraray's inventive composite material uses only five enamel and dentin hues to cover the 15 VITA traditional shades. Kuraray uses its proprietary light-diffusion (LD) technology to enable seamless integration with the natural tooth structure, ensuring a perfect colour match with the neighbouring teeth.

A1E, A2E, A1D, and A2D 3.6 g Syringe Starter Kits

Starter Kit for PLT Enamel/Dentin: 10 of each A1E, A2E, A1D, and A2D

A1, A2, A3, W, A1E, A2E, A3E, WE, A1D, A2D, A3D, WD, Clear, Amber, Blue, Grey, and a Shade Guide are all included in the PLT Professional Kit.


  • Only Composite with a Shade Concept Approved by VITA
  • Unmatched Natural Shade Blending with Tooth Structure Around It
  • Single-Shadow Placing Method
  • Long working times and light diffusion characteristics similar to natural teeth allow for easy sculpting without slumping.

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