ClearView™ Nasal Masks with Capnography Adapters, Adult

AccutronSKU: 33035-9-CAP

Sale price$106.00


The CO2 capnograph monitor sample line enables the monitoring of patient end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2) levels. It can be connected between the ClearView™ nasal mask and the scavenging circuit. This sampling line offers flexibility in connecting to either the right or left side of the patient mask. By capturing exhalations directly at the source, capnography sampling occurs within the nasal mask, allowing for accurate measurement of the patient's exhaled CO2.


  • Female Luer-Lok® port provides a secure connection to capnograph monitor sample line
  • Connects to either right or left side of mask for additional flexibility
  • Single-use and individually wrapped to minimize cross-contamination and save staff time

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