Clinpro Sealant

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Clinpro Sealant

This is a sealant that offers smart color-change technology that goes on pink for easy-to-see application, and cures to a natural white.

It has the following features and benefits:

  • Smart color-change technology that helps to see placement and ensure complete coverage.
  • Low viscosity that flows easily into pits and fissures, sealing them effectively.
  • Contains and releases fluoride that helps prevent caries and remineralize enamel.
  • Bonds to enamel, creating a strong and durable seal.
  • Ideal for pediatric sealant applications, as it is easy to use and appealing to children.

The Refill includes 1-1.2 ml sealant syringe and 10 sealant syringe tips. The Bottle Intro Kit includes 2 x 6 ml Sealant, 9 ml Scotchbond Etchant, Brush Handles, Tips, Well. The Syringe Intro Kit includes 2 x 1.2 ml, 3 ml Scotchbond Etchant, 20 Black Sealant Syringe Tips, 25 Blue Etchant Syringe Tips. The Syringe Trial Kit includes 1.2 ml, 10 Tips, 20 Adper Prompt L-Pop Applicators.

Contains: 2 – 1.2ml Clinpro Sealant Syringes; 1 – 3ml 3MTM ESPETM ScotchbondTM Etchant Syringe; 20 – Sealant Syringe Tips (Black); 24 – Etchant Syringe Tips (Blue)

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