Coe Nickel-Plated Perforated Partial Impression Trays

GC AmericaSKU: 260301

Sale price$51.48


GC America's COE Partial Metal Impression Trays are a popular choice among dentists and schools around the globe. These trays come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and types, including full or partial, solid or perforated, and pediatric. The tray sizes are inversely proportional to their numbers - the larger the number, the smaller the tray.

Features and Benefits

  • Blend of rigidity and flexibility for a personalized fit
  • Welded, Rimlock borders for pressure buildup
  • Nickel Plated for durability
  • Partial trays suitable for cases involving one or two units

The set includes four trays: #30, #31, #32, and #33.

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