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COE-PAK is a surgical dressing and periodontal pack that is free of eugenol. It provides a comfortable experience with no burning sensation, unpleasant taste or odor. It promotes cleanliness and healing, and can be easily shaped into ropes of any length or thickness. Its smooth texture allows it to adapt closely to teeth and tissue for effective wound protection. It sets with resilient, non-brittle hardness. The Hard and Fast set is ready in one minute, while the Automix NDS version eliminates manual mixing and is ready to use in 3 minutes. The standard package includes 90 g Base and 90 g Catalyst, while the Automix NDS comes with 2 x 50 ml Double-Barrel Cartridges and 12 Mixing Tips.

Features and Benefits

  • Resilient hardness prevents fracture or breakage.
  • No jagged edges ensure patient safety.
  • Eugenol-free formula for patient comfort.
  • No offensive taste, odor or burning sensation.
  • Smooth, cohesive mix for easy application.
  • Easy to form into desired intra-oral shapes.

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