CoJet System

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The Co Jet System

The Co Jet System is an adhesive system for intraoral adhesive repairs. It can create a strong chemical bond between metal, porcelain or composite surfaces and the repair material.

  • Blasting with the Co Jet System embeds a ceramic layer on the surface of the repair material.
  • The embedded ceramic layer enables silane coupling with composite for a true chemical bond with alloys and porcelain.

Intro Kit

The intro kit contains the following items:

Co Jet Sand 40 g
Sil 8 ml
Visio Bond 2.5 ml
Sinfony Opaquer Powder, Shade A3 5 g
Sinfony Opaquer Liquid 8 ml

Features and Benefits

  • Chairside intraoral technique
  • Repairs can be made in one session

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