CORESHADE Base Cement, 10 ml Liquid

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Introducing Core Shade™, the ultimate solution for reliable and precise metal-free core build-ups. Crafted with precision, this glass ionomer base cement offers a robust and trustworthy foundation that guarantees easy detection and lasting strength. Say goodbye to uncertainties and embrace the confidence of Core Shade™, your go-to choice for impeccable core build-up performance.

  • Provides a supportive and protective base for stress-bearing fillings and restorations.
  • Boasts an impressive compressive strength of 147 MPa, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Exhibits excellent bonding properties to tooth structure, as well as metal pins and posts, for a secure and reliable foundation.
  • Features a distinctive gray color that allows for easy identification during placement and finishing procedures.
  • Delivers a high fluoride release, promoting enhanced dental health and protection.
  • Offers a high level of radiopacity, facilitating clear and accurate imaging for precise diagnostics.
  • Demonstrates biocompatibility, prioritizing patient safety and comfort.


Package Quantity:1 /Pkg
Size: 10 ml Liquid

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