CoreShade GlasIonomer Base Cement Kit

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Core Shade is an exceptional glass ionomer base cement meticulously crafted to deliver a reliable and easily distinguishable metal-free core build-up. This advanced formulation ensures a robust foundation, providing dentists with the confidence of a stable and durable core structure. With its unique properties, Core Shade offers effortless identification, enabling seamless detection during dental procedures. Dentists highly recommend Core Shade as an indispensable tool for creating reliable and aesthetically pleasing core build-ups, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients' dental restorations.

  • Provides essential support and protection as a base for stress-bearing fillings and restorations.
  • Boasts an impressive compressive strength of 147 MPa, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Exhibits excellent bonding capabilities, forming strong connections with tooth structure, metal pins, and posts for enhanced stability.
  • Gray coloration allows for effortless identification during placement and finishing procedures, ensuring precise application.
  • Demonstrates a high fluoride release, promoting oral health and reducing the risk of secondary caries.
  • Features a high level of radiopacity, facilitating clear visibility on X-rays for accurate diagnosis and monitoring.
  • Biocompatible formulation ensures compatibility with the oral environment, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions and promoting overall patient well-being.


1 (25 g) bottle gray powder, 1 (10 ml) bottle liquid, 1 mixing pad, 1 dispenser, 1 spatula, 1 plastic setup tray and instructions
Package Quantity: 1/Pkg

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