Dental Teaching Model

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Empower Your Patients with Dental Knowledge

The Dental Teaching Model is an invaluable tool that brings clarity to dental procedures. Its full-size hinged design enables dentists to educate patients effectively, showcasing various procedures like single implants, bridges, impacted teeth, and more. This heart-touching educational restoration model is a must-have addition to any dental practice, offering comprehensive insights and fostering patient understanding.


  • Comprehensive Education: Illustrates multiple dental procedures with clarity and detail, empowering dentists to educate their patients effectively.
    Realistic Design: Full-size hinged model provides a lifelike representation of dental structures, enhancing patient visualization and comprehension.
  • Diverse Procedure Coverage: Covers a wide range of procedures, including single implants, bridges, impacted teeth, gingival recession, plaque build-up, and more.
  • Professional Quality: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a durable and reliable educational tool for dental practitioners.


  • Single implants with 3 unit bridge
  • Impacted tooth in jaw
  • 3 unit Maryland bridge
  • Gingival recession
  • Plaque build up
  • Root caries
  • Anterior single implant crown
  • Removable single crown esthetic veneer on labial surface

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