DenTASTIC All-Purpose Dental Adhesive System

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Versatile Bonding Solutions for Every Restoration!

The DenTASTIC® All-Purpose Dental Adhesive System is a versatile solution employed in dental restorations to establish strong bonds with various materials such as dentin, enamel, porcelain, resins, precious and nonprecious metals, and amalgam.

This adhesive system offers hydrophilic properties, ensuring compatibility with moisture-rich environments. It provides the convenience of both dual-cure capabilities, allowing for light curing or self-curing options based on the specific needs of the dental procedure.

The DenTASTIC® All-Purpose Dental Adhesive System consists of distinct components: an adhesive primer and a unfilled resin bonding agent. These components are separate, enabling precise application and allowing dental professionals to tailor the adhesive system to their specific requirements.


  • Hydrophilic bonding.
  • Dual-cure capabilities, offering both light cure and self-cure options.
  • Achieve strong and reliable bonds on all tooth surfaces and various restorative materials.


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