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Experience the ease of bonding with Pulpdent's Dual Cure Adhesive!

UNO-DUO, the ultimate dual cure adhesive system developed by Pulpdent. Designed as the simplest dual cure catalyst for UNO, it represents a 5th generation adhesive, perfect for use with self-cure and dual cure core materials. Whether for indirect restorations like crowns and inlays, bonded amalgams, or any situation requiring self-cure or dual cure capability, UNO + DUO delivers unmatched performance.

1. UNDO – Kit: 6 mL UNO, 3mL DUO, 5mL Etch-Rite, 20 applicator tips, 50 brush tips, brush handle

2. DUO – DUO, 3mL bottle, dual cure catalyst for UNO


  • 5th Generation technology.
  • Its hydrophilic property ensures excellent bond strength even in moist environments.
  • Ease of bonding with our Simplified Dual Cure Adhesive.


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