Digital Dental Amalgamator, Amalgam Capsule Mixer

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Elevate Dental Mixing to New Heights with Our Amalgamator

The Digital Dental Amalgamator is a remarkable device that simplifies and enhances the process of mixing amalgam capsules in dental practices. With its high energy output and low vibrations, it ensures both efficiency and silence. This advanced amalgamator offers exceptional trituration accuracy and versatility, supporting alloy and glass ionomer capsules. Equipped with a user-programmable timer and a touch pad selector, it guarantees precise and consistent results with every use.


  • Multi-Use Mixer: Designed to accommodate alloy and glass ionomer capsules, providing versatility and convenience.
  • Vibration Frequency of 4,400 RPMs: Ensures thorough mixing and trituration for optimal amalgamation results.
  • Dual Voltage Input: Compatible with both 110V and 230V power supply, catering to diverse electrical requirements.
  • Built-in Automatic Timer: Offers customizable timing options from 1 to 16 seconds, granting control over the amalgamation process.


  • Model: D650
  • Input Voltage: 110V or 230V
  • Vibration Frequency: 4,400 RPMs
  • Timer: 1-16 seconds (user programmable)
  • Compatibility: Alloy and glass ionomer capsules
  • Control Interface: Touch pad selector
  • Noise Level: Quiet operation
  • Energy Output: High
  • Weight: Varies by model
  • Dimensions: Varies by model

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