DIRECTDIA Diamond Polishing Paste

ShofuSKU: 0558

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Experience a new level of precision and brilliance with DirectDia Diamond Polishing Paste. Specially formulated for enamel, direct composites, and porcelains, this exceptional product effortlessly transforms ordinary surfaces into stunning works of art. Achieve professional results with ease and unlock the true potential of your restorative materials.

  • Superfine diamond particles: DirectDia Diamond Polishing Paste contains ultra-fine diamond particles that ensure a smooth and precise polishing experience.
  • Smooth paste consistency: The paste is designed to have a smooth texture, allowing for easy application and effortless polishing.
  • Compatible with Super-Snap Buff Disks and Buff Mini Disks: For optimal results, it is recommended to use DirectDia Diamond Polishing Paste in conjunction with Super-Snap Buff Disks and Buff Mini Disks, ensuring a seamless and efficient polishing process.


Old Manufacturer #: 0550
Package Quantity: 1/Pkg
Size: 3 g

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