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Dispos-a-Trap Filter

Dispos-a-Trap Filter

The Dispos-a-Trap filter is a totally disposable filter designed to replace the present trap filter in your evacuation unit. It offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces the possibility of infection and contamination
  • Improves the performance of your suction system
  • Reduces infectious aerosol
  • Eliminates the need for cleaning the waste present in your filter

Available Models:

  1. Model 5500: Fits A-dec Cascade and Performer
  2. Model 5501: Fits A-dec Models with Plastic Canisters
  3. Model 5502: Fits A-dec Models with Metal Canisters
  4. Model 5503: Fits models by Belmont, Biotec, Chayes, Dentech, Pelton & Crane, Proma
  5. Model 5505: Fits New Spirit Pelton & Crane with White Plastic Canisters
  6. Model 5506: Fits Den-Tal-Ez Models with Black Plastic Filters
  7. Model 5508S: Fits all Saliva Ejectors
  8. Model 5509: Fits DCI/Belmont Reality Models and System 6000
  9. Model 5511: Fits Ka Vo – the environment
  10. Model 5512: Fits A-dec 500
  11. Model 6100C: Fits most Cuspidor Bowls
  12. Model 6200C: Fits Siemens, plus many Cuspidors with Small Diameters
  13. Model 6400C: Fits A-dec Cascade and Performer Cuspidor Bowls

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